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The Early Years

When I was around 17 years old, I was a pretty nerdy person [not that I am not now... ;-] Things that I enjoyed were usually different from what my friends would. Also I had a habit of analyzing people and their behavior. Watching my friends run around chasing girls and wasting their time trying to find The Perfect One made me think. It didn't bring them anything but frustration and trouble.

The Deal

So I offered God a deal! I would not waste my time trying to find the perfect girl for me, instead I would spend that time on something more productive. In return God had to find The Girl for me and as long as I was obedient to him, he would make sure that I get Her and not someone else.

Since I was raised in a religious atmosphere, I had a little problem with letting God choose my future wife. We were taught that God is a big scary guy sitting up in heaven and making sure we get proper punishment for the sins and mistakes we make in our lives. What if she is ugly or a nag? I guess I was afraid that she would be a punishment for some of my sins ;-)

One night I went on a shopping spree. I told God every little detail I could think of, starting with her name, weight, height, hair color, etc. The last 15 minutes of the 1 hour talk were spent talking about her other features like intellect, relationship with God, etc. ;-) It is funny how we can trust God with the invisible things, but not with the tangible ones...

Amazingly at the end of our conversation God said that it was a good deal and that He agrees to do His part, as long as I fulfill mine. It was a definite win-win, so we finalized the agreement. I figured that He might have better luck finding Her out of 3 billion women out there, especially since He knows me better then I know myself...

To make sure there was no mistake, I asked God to give me some kind of a sign. Two weeks later I burned myself pretty badly, which left a round spot on my arm. I asked God to give her the same mark in the same spot and that would be the sign. Figuring that I wouldn't be ready to get married until I was 23 or so, I agreed not to look for Her during the next 6 years. At that time He would reveal Her to me.

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