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The Girl!

About a year later, in May of 1995, I went on a picnic with my church. There I met Catherine, who was one of two Americans going to my church. We had a really good time, played volleyball, ate and laughed a lot (the last two are some of my favorite hobbies ;-)

The Trouble

Slowly we started to get to know each other, especially since I started translating Sunday services for Americans that would visit our church. We started spending time together even more after she bought a house and we, with my friend Mark would help her fix it up. We never actually met one on one, Mark was always with us.

The more we were together, the more I liked her. She was beautiful, smart, sweet, quiet and a little shy. I felt like I was flying whenever we were together, but there was something that didn't let me enjoy the time we spent to it's fullest. I liked her very much, and that bothered me. I didn't want to get into any kind of relationship with a girl, unless she was going to be my wife.

The Conspiracy

I asked God if she was The One. He didn't answer. Figuring that it was too early for Her to appear anyway (I was only 19 at the time), to spare myself some trouble and to keep the agreement, I asked if it was OK to stop getting together so often and slowly pull out of this. "She needs you," He said. Of course He knew, that since one of my main goals in life was to help others, that was the only way He could keep me there.

Our friendship kept progressing and more and more I had a hard time convincing myself that she wasn't The One. Everything matched and in fact surpassed all of my requests, but there was no word from God, so I kept fighting with myself. Our church would go to a park once a week and if she wasn't there, the whole evening seemed pointless. I did not allow myself to think or act as if she was my girlfriend. As far as I was concerned, we were just close friends.

The Ball Starts Rolling...
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